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VIDEO Project Truth : A Youth Defence Project

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Moving, yet fact-filled presentation.

This pro-life advert was previously banned by the Irish government who said it was too ‘political’ for the airwaves. Now Project Truth, first produced by Youth Defence in 1996, has been set to some amazing footage of the unborn child in the womb. It’s challenging, thought-provoking, beautiful and sad. Show it to your friends. Spread the message.

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Gay Marriage Myths and Truth

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Multi-color gay flagTownhall. com –

By Michael Medved

The decision by federal judge Vaughan Walker to invalidate California’s Proposition 8 both recycles and revives some of the tired, misleading clichés regarding the same sex marriage controversy. These distortions demand direct, concise correction and rebuttal.

1. “Proposition 8 was a mean-spirited ban on gay marriage.”….(continue reading HERE)

TRUTH: Proposition 8 banned nothing.

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Of Forgiveness and Truth

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A powerful THEOLOGICAL scene, from network TV.

He is looking for absolution, for the forgiveness  found in Christ alone.

Is Forgiveness Possible? ER

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Morning musings or run-on sentence of the day

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Man with toilet for mouth

Concerning Hollywood….

Isn’t it astounding that a group of overpaid social elitists  who spend their pampered lives deliberately excluding social constraints, while making fortunes pretending to be somebody else; feel entitled to lecture/lead the rest of us concerning values, truth, or even politics.

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For Mothers’ Day – An issue that concerns all of us

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A call to pay attention, a call to act.  Flawed content produces misinformed voters. The kids are too important to be poorly taught and  the future of freedom is at stake.

December 12, 2009

Get Global Warming Out of Our Schools

By Jane Jamison

Because of  the recent revelations of “Climategate” (see source materials below) and my experience raising two children in private and public schools  in California, I believe we need to start a nationwide campaign to get “global warming” immediately removed from the curriculum of our schools…..
The leaked e-mails and subsequent evaluation of their contents, which inspired the term “Climategate,” sound the alarm that we have been fooled for thirty years. There is good cause to believe that the “global warming” data was contorted to achieve a desired result, that true facts were suppressed or destroyed, and that truth-tellers were censored by climate gurus on a mission.(article continues here)

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Dear Milton

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Dear Milton,

Yes, sometimes it is scary to post stories and thoughts concerning events, politics or religion on the internet.  It can get one in trouble, not only with folks who disagree, but also with folks who agree but who are too scared to admit it…

Just by bringing it up, you are blowing their cover, forcing them to decide whether they can respond with an “amen” or pretend that they didn’t see it and so lapse into silence.  We can’t pretend not to know what we now know; you know?  Many folks are desperate to find a distraction that enables them to disengage and blend in.  But then the question becomes, what are you blending into?  Cultural suicide?

Three other questions to be asked: 1) What is truth? 2) What does this mean? And, knowing all this 3) How best do I serve my neighbor?

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