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8 Ways Fascist Feminists Are Ruining America’s Women

By idaflo | November 6th, 2010 | No Comments » 

by Cassy Fiano (Originally published 8-2-2010)

American women have some of the best lives in the world. We can literally do whatever we want. American women can go to school where we want, we can go to college, we can work wherever we want, we can marry whoever we want, and we can choose to lead whatever kind of life we want to lead. Millions of women in oppressed countries around the world cannot even imagine the freedom that American women so enjoy — and take for granted. We’ve come a long way in less than one hundred short years, but a lot of women can’t see that. Read More »

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This Is for You, Joy Behar! A Woman’s Journey from Liberal to Conservative

By idaflo | October 30th, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Joy Beharby Jim Lakely  on October 28, 2010

Forgive the indulgence, but my wife sent me the following email today. She had to get this off her chest, in writing, to clear her mind for painting in her studio. And I think it’s a great story: One woman’s decades-long journey from indoctrinated liberal to free-thinking conservative.

These are the kind of women that Joy Behar insulted — and probably enraged, if my wife is any guide  — when she called Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle “a bitch” who should “go to hell.”

In the spirit of Robin of Berkeley, here is the rest of thisMUST POST and link-to article by Jim Lakely.

And my response follows:

Dear Mr. Lakely,  I believe Joy Behar is an extreme example, just another “hood ornament” for strident liberalism/feminism. Great stuff here, your family is blessed twofold; BOTH of you share a gift for writing. Sets off a storm of thought, since all the information on your wife’s evolution/transformation resonates with my experiences since college. Read More »

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On Politics and Being a Pastor’s Wife

By idaflo | October 26th, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Man and Woman with subtext: "Why tell us about it?"

How can a pastor’s wife be so political? First, I come by it organically; my family is devotedly Republican, thus my roots. People I love and deeply respect have become involved politically, and they have made a difference. Real experience has not jaded my perspective.
But why me? Don’t I fear being divisive and offending people at church? Sure, that is a concern. But I make no apologies any more. (Even though I don’t “talk politics” at church. I AM careful.)
But again, why?
When we moved to California, I attended a few community Republican meetings, to ‘take the temperature’ and see what was being said and done in the state and her GOP. Read More »

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The Last Best Hope

By idaflo | September 25th, 2010 | No Comments » 

It comes our way via Ben Howe at RedState.  Watch it.  Pass it on.

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Don’t Cry for Me, Barack Obama

By idaflo | August 15th, 2010 | No Comments » 

I always look forward to posting anything Robin of Berkeley has to say.  Once again, she does not disappoint.
Today, instead of americanthinker.com her words come to us from David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog.  A brief aside about David; I saw him speak while we lived in Northern, California.  In that presentation and in everything I’ve heard or read of him since, it feels as though he is such a smart guy, even his yawns merit college credit.
2010 August 13

Obama teary

by Robin of Berkeley at NewsRealBlog

Apparently Obama broke down weeping during the funeral of civil rights leader, Dorothy Height.  This sight left me strangely unmoved.

This is peculiar because I cry at almost anything. If there is a random stranger bawling on the street, my waterworks start flowing. Just last week I had a meltdown after my husband, Jon, and I went to the local pound.

A Dr. Doolitte type, Jon rescued some stray mutt, nestled her in our car, and together we brought the pooch over to a local shelter. When we said goodbye to the whimpering animal, I melted in a pool of tears. Exasperated, Jon not only had to deal with the dog’s slobbering, but mine as well.

Yet, seeing the photographs of our blubbering President left me feeling ice cold. I’ve asked myself, why? The reason: because this man cares not a whit about you or me. Read More »

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The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

By idaflo | August 14th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Nile GardinerBy Nile Gariner  at The Telegraph.co.uk

Nile Gardiner is a Washington-based foreign affairs analyst and political commentator. He appears frequently on American and British television and radio, including Fox News Channel, CNN, BBC, Sky News, and NPR.

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for President Obama, in a summer of discontent in the United States which has deeply unsettled the ruling liberal elites, so much so that even the Left has begun to turn against the White House. Read More »

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Coulter: 1 in 300 News Stories Mention Corrupt Government Bureaucrat a Democrat

By idaflo | August 13th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Ann Coulter delves into another Democrat Media Complex cover-up in her entertaining column:

In the greatest party-affiliation cover-up since the media tried to portray Gary Condit as a Republican, the media are refusing to mention the party affiliation of the thieving government officials in Bell, Calif.

There have been hundreds of news stories about Bell city officials’ jaw-dropping salaries. Read More »

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The Obsolescence of Barack Obama

By idaflo | August 11th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Finally back from vacation, good times during our two-part break in Milwaukee and Northern California.  Will write more about that at another time. but for today, this is a great article to launch a return to posting.

Obama looking down

The magic of 2008 can’t be recreated, and good riddance to it.

Not long ago Barack Obama, for those who were spellbound by him, had the stylishness of JFK and the historic mission of FDR riding to the nation’s rescue. Read More »

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Session’s Blistering Kagan: You “Demeaned Our Soldiers” & Care “More About Politics Than Law”

By idaflo | June 28th, 2010 | No Comments » 


Posted by: Greg Hengler

Here’s what Sessions outlines in his opening statement: Kagan’s adoration towards judicial activists; blocking restrictions on partial birth abortion; kicking the military off Harvard’s campus; suppressing speech; pro-illegal alien; and DADT opposition, to name just a few. (Linked here)

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Of Foreboding and Forgiveness

By idaflo | June 19th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Uve Siemon-NettoThe Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life


This column reaches you from France. It is written with a sense of foreboding. Just before leaving California, I called a friend in New York. He is a native Berliner of Jewish descent. In the early Nazi years he fled to Paris while still a teenager, and then fought in the French Resistance. “Make the best of your stay in Europe,” he counseled me. “By the time of your return we might be living in a totally different world.”…(continue reading HERE)

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