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Empire of Silence: Journolist, Breitbart, and what the Left doesn’t say

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I like Andrew Klavan.   I hope this isn’t the end of a story he writes about at City Journal

Author-Andrew KlavanA personal incident has given me a particular perspective on recent news about the media. Last Tuesday, I received word that the French release of my thriller novel Empire of LiesEmpire of Lies features a politically conservative Christian protagonist, Jason Harrow, who believes he has uncovered an Islamist terrorist plot being obscured by the leftist mainstream media. “Lies, lies, lies,” the emotionally troubled Harrow murmurs at his television set. “It’s all about what they don’t say.” It will come as no surprise that my friend Andrew Breitbart praised the book as the only thriller he’d ever read in which the mainstream media were the villains. Read More »

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CRAFT’s 50 Bloggers To Follow On Twitter

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I find lists of other folks’ favorite links helpful.  Here is such a list from the folks at CRAFT.

Twitter BirdCRAFT | Media / Digital

Here at CRAFT, clients often ask us who to follow on Twitter. While every campaign is different, following a small core of state and national bloggers from the onset can be an effective way to help grow your Twitter presence. Below is a list that we share with our clients. There are many other prominent and interesting bloggers out there. We invite you to comment and suggest others that should be included. (This list is not in any ranking order.) (LINKS’ list linked HERE)

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Media Covering Up for Obama

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We know this, it’s just nice to read an article by someone else who can further illuminate the concept.
Newsmax logo

Thursday, 03 Jun 2010  By: Ronald Kessler

The media widely portrayed President Bush and his key appointees as a bunch of dummies. Yet reviewing the Obama administration’s record, you have to wonder who is the dummy.
Since Obama took office:

  • Eric Holder Jr., his attorney general, said he opposes Arizona’s illegal immigration legislation but has not read the new law….(article continues here)

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The Appalling Media Double Standard on Reporting Political Violence

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Scared yet?

The Appalling Media Double Standard on Reporting Political Violence

May 7, 2010- by Bob Owens

When it comes to leftist violence, the media sees no evil, hears no evil, and especially speaks no evil.

During the recent health care debate in Congress, the media was quick to latch on to every perceived slight or hurt, real or imagined, directed at Democrats. They offered wall-to-wall coverage of phoned-in threats of violence against Democratic representatives, even as they hastened to downplay the stray bullet that crashed through an office belonging to Republican Eric Cantor.

These same media outlets were quick to pounce on reports that a handful of Democratic offices were vandalized, and they seemed to relish in discussing the glory-hound, former militia leader who sought to claim credit for the handful of broken windows.

The message from the media was clear: any violence against their liberal allies will be broadcast far and wide, and any threat or slur will be published as fact, no matter how dubious the claim.

The reverse, sadly, is not true, and that is not a recent development….(article continues here)

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