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Introduction to a crisis pregnancy…

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Painting called A World of Their OwnFirst, a Dragnet Disclaimer: The stories are true, though the names have been changed.

It was 11:30 last Friday night. My phone signaled me that a text had been received; I noted it was from Amy, my co-worker.  She said she had just discovered that she was pregnant. I was not surprised, we’d been discussing the possibility at work earlier in the day.

So, yet another young life begins in the womb of a single mom.  Though I don’t have an exact count, I think it’s safe to say that 80% of the women I work with are single moms, most never having been married.

It took me back to another crisis pregnancy, eighteen years ago. Read More »

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“The ‘Contemporary’ Choir: The Future is Now” or “For the Love of All That is Sacred, Make It Stop!”

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It ends. So grateful.

“The ‘Contemporary’ Choir: The Future is Now” or “For the Love of All That is Sacred, Make It Stop!”.

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Letter to my Sons

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Roadway through the forest, Northern California


Hello Dear Sons,

So glad you were home for Christmas, we are always glad to see you.

I had the privilege of staying home to raise you (much to the chagrin of my educated peers who wondered at my making such a domestic choice) so you will recall a cliche’ thought up and often used on you while you were growing up – “I’d rather have a bad day with you than a good day with someone else”.  May God grant that you have children someday so that you will REALLY know how that originated from my heart and soul about our time together. So many precious hours of growing… yet now that stage is past.

Wanted to talk with you about why I decided to give you books for Christmas.  I know we could have gone with something more fun (though the cash we gave you counts for something there) but I want you to have a book to hold in your hands because we spent so many hours engaged in reading when you were smaller.  Those are some of the best moments of your childhood for me – as we explored the wonders of the mind.  We focused, we imagined, we discussed, we had to really THINK; that was the tremendous gift that literature gave you.

But now, there is the internet.  Instant messaging, flashing images, stimulation, always the immediate sensory stimulation…I understand the attraction, but I am repelled by the media and its message at the same time.  What is this doing to our brains?  What is happening to our souls?  I know more about the internet than I wish I did.  I wonder if I’m a better person for it.

Am impressed by the people who write, the sites I check for news, the videos, both artistic and informative that I am able to download… and yet it is fearsome, the amount of time that can be wasted on the computer.  And it’s against such, that I wish to warn you.

You have all chosen fields of study and ultimately places of employment, that implement electronic media.  Please, I plead with you, PLEASE take the time to shut it off and just read and think each day.

Read the Bible, look at GOOD books, force your mind to include the writings of great thinkers and the compositions of great musicians.  Not just pleasant, but GREAT.  It’s all available on the net? But it’s not the same. As Lutherans you know the power of a solid medium, like liturgy in worship for example, to deliver a quieter, deeper, stronger, even eternal  message.  That’s what I am concerned about.  That you still continue to pour over messages with a deeper meaning.

Please do that.  It is my hope and prayer that as you do, you will remind others to do it too.  And someday, if and when you have children, they will also share that ability and opportunity.  Good learning is always just one generation away from being lost.  I remind you, you must not lose it; we  teach our children, but as we work with them, we are teaching our grandchildren.  That matters.  That is how we pass the best we have and are, on.

Blessings, peace, power and joy through Christ be with you.

Take care, I love you,


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2010 Operation F.U.N.

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ConcordiaPublishing | August 09, 2010

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) supplied the South St. Louis neighborhood with over 700 backpacks full of school supplies and a hot lunch in an effort to unite the community and share the gospel message. Read More »

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Great Stuff Found on the Web — Gottesdienstonline on “What Harrison Can Do”

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Heath Curtis is a brilliant man.  Am certain we will be hearing and reading much more from him in the future.

What Harrison Can Do

by Fr. H. R. Curtis

I have often wondered at people lamenting the LCMS’ lack of bishops. The problem with the LCMS is that she has far too many bishops. A bishop, in the Lutheran understanding, is a holder of the pastoral office exercising all the duties thereof. There is only one Office of the Ministry, and it can only be passed on whole and undivided. You can’t give some men just give a piece of the Office, as in Rome’s understanding. Read More »

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This or THAT Church – LCMS version

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If you are LCMS you get this.  If not, you’ll still learn something…. we’re having a convention, THAT’s what I’m talking about.

This or THAT Church

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Higher Things: A New Model of Youth Ministry/An Interview with Pr. Bill Cwirla

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A look into the past, toward the future… an interview from Michael Spencer at INTERNETMonk.com

Higher Things logoUPDATE: Pr. Cwirla has a follow-up post on worship at Higher Things.

I recently became aware of a youth ministry movement in the Lutheran Church: Missouri Synod called “Higher Things.” I was intrigued on several counts….
(continue reading here)

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I Had a Bad Experience with…

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Christ on crossHelpful insights from Pastor Larry Peters over at:

Pastoral Meanderings

The Random Thoughts of a Lutheran Parish Pastor

Often we hear from people who have left the Church or the faith that they had a bad experience with the Church or with a Pastor or with somebody in the Church…. etc… Read More »

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Black Bread and Leadership in the LCMS by Uwe Siemon-Netto

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Photo of Uwe Siemon-NettoWanted: A Chief Distributor of Black Bread


Martin Luther called the Gospel Schwarzbrot, meaning black bread, which he considered the most nourishing fare. Luther’s metaphor is magnificent in that it addresses the nutritional value of this spiritual kind of bread. It’s called Heilsgewissheit, or certainty of salvation. It frees the believer to roll up his sleeves and manage the challenges of secular life in the left-hand kingdom, as we Lutherans say.

I cannot think of any period in history when this message has been more pertinent than now….(article continues here)

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Comments concerning “Christian Ed. and the Risks of On-The-Job Training”

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…On our tendency to skip over what we don’t want to look at in the church. Sentiments and good feelings/enthusiasm are no substitute for good teaching and sound Doctrine. We used to know that.

I look around me and I see that my generation has dropped the ball concerning laying the groundwork to pass on a solid understanding about their very historical and valuable Christian faith. A loss of theological depth and essential understanding has been embraced and is now promoted, prompting me to ask, what kind of a church are we leaving our children?

And about all that talk that “This is not your Grandfather’s church”… My grandfather’s church?! My grandfather and grandmother would be embarrassed to be associated with what the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has become…in fact they have been spared.



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