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BBC News – Not so happily ever as Indian divorce rate doubles

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BBC News – Not so happily ever as Indian divorce rate doubles.

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Activists to protest sex trafficking outside Craigslist office

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Painting of little girl - Le Leon Difficile by William Gouguereau

Le Leon Difficile by William Gouguereau

Yet again, some have learned to exploit those damaged or made more vulnerable by broken families.

This helps put the focus on  the precious and particular value of  fathers in children’s lives.  I realize the organizations and politicians in this story are liberal, but concerning this issue, they make an important point.

By Kim I. Hartman at DIGITAL JOURNAL

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Concerning God and Parents…quote from J. Budziszewski

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We have a friend who deliberately declined to give his children any religious instruction in their upbringing.  This quote from Budziszewski drives home some vital points that are useful should such a discussion come up.

And even when it doesn’t.

Baby in window play pen

“A good many parents decline to give their children any religious instruction, saying that they think it is better to ‘let them make up their own minds,’

But declining to teach is itself a way of teaching, a very effective one, and it teaches children a very definite creed with eight articles:

(1) It is not important for children to know anything  about God.

(2) The questions which children naturally ask about Him require no answers.

(3) Parents know nothing about Him worth passing on. Read More »

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Fake Census worker invades home, kills resident

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What started out as a day when a family was celebrating Mothers Day, became a nightmare come to life in Texas as a  fake census worker, in fact a GROUP of them,  invaded a home, to torture and kill a resident....they then ransacked the house for TWO HOURS. This was a humble home in a very modest neighborhood. Report includes VIDEO with family and neighbors’ interviews.  The senseless killing showed a complete absence of conscience on the part of the attackers.

Police: Fake census worker invades home, kills owner

by Tiffany Craig / 11 News – khou.com

Posted on May 9, 2010

HOUSTON — Police are warning homeowners to be careful who they allow inside their homes.  A man posing as a census worker and two more suspects barged into a north Houston house Saturday afternoon, killing the homeowner and beating others.  It happened Saturday afternoon in the 400 block of Truman…..(article with video continues here)

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