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“The ‘Contemporary’ Choir: The Future is Now” or “For the Love of All That is Sacred, Make It Stop!”

By idaflo | January 14th, 2011 | No Comments » 

It ends. So grateful.

“The ‘Contemporary’ Choir: The Future is Now” or “For the Love of All That is Sacred, Make It Stop!”.

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“Narnia Invaded” by Steven D. Boyer

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Narnia InvadedI appreciate the insights Steven Boyer shares in his article.  Again we see that  sometimes the medium does not serve the message.
Like so many families, we loved reading The Chronicles of Narnia, both together and as individuals, thus the movies were eagerly anticipated. The boys hoped they would be as good as the films of Tolkien’s books had been.
But both Narnia movies left all three of our sons frustrated, even angry. I texted them recently and asked for more details as to why… “was it because they sacrificed the story for the sake of special effects?” Read More »

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On Politics and Being a Pastor’s Wife

By idaflo | October 26th, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Man and Woman with subtext: "Why tell us about it?"

How can a pastor’s wife be so political? First, I come by it organically; my family is devotedly Republican, thus my roots. People I love and deeply respect have become involved politically, and they have made a difference. Real experience has not jaded my perspective.
But why me? Don’t I fear being divisive and offending people at church? Sure, that is a concern. But I make no apologies any more. (Even though I don’t “talk politics” at church. I AM careful.)
But again, why?
When we moved to California, I attended a few community Republican meetings, to ‘take the temperature’ and see what was being said and done in the state and her GOP. Read More »

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Open Mic: The Gulf Oil Disaster

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picture of oil spill muck in the waterFrom “INTERNETMonk” June 2, 2010 by Chaplain Mike

Though I’ve made my opinions clear about “culture war” political machinations, I have also tried to say that Christians should care about public issues.

With that in mind, I’ve been waiting and watching for Christian spokespersons to weigh in about the Deepwater/BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico from a Christian perspective. I’ve wondered about the silence of the evangelical community. Perhaps I’ve missed some commentary, I don’t know.

At any rate, today, I found two articles: (continue reading article(s) here)

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What I Like about Lutheran Baptism (from Internetmonk.com)

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baptism of baby with parents and pastor

May 25, 2010 by Chaplain Mike

Michael Spencer was a Southern Baptist. A reader recently wrote and asked what I, as a Lutheran, believe about baptism. I thought you might like to have a chance to hear how I responded.

Before I talk about baptism, let me first say that I am a “Lutheran in progress.” Denominationally, I am more accurately a “Post-Evangelical.” And I am still in that wilderness, particularly when it comes to church affiliation.(You can read about that here.) Read More »

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Christian – Senait Oqbazgi Habta – Dies In Eritrea Prison Camp

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Bos News logoYoung Christian Dies In Eritrea Prison Camp
by BosNewsLife’s Stefan J. Bos

ASMARA, ERITREA ( BosNewsLife)– A young Christian woman has died in one of Eritrea’s military prison camps after she was reportedly denied medical treatment for malaria and severe anemia.
Senait Oqbazgi Habta, 28, died April 23 in the Sawa Military Training Centre in Eritrea where she had been detained for some two years for attending a Bible study group with 15 other university students, explained Open Doors, a well-informed Christian advocacy and aid group.
Read More »

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