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The View From Here

By idaflo | December 10th, 2016 | No Comments » 

My Dear Sons,

It’s early, but that’s nothing new, I always wake up at three or four a.m. these days with early morning heat flashes. It isn’t a glamorous reason to greet the morning, but it works.

It sets me to thinking.  I have no control over it (spare me the hormone pills, they don’t set well) so I just keep something to read on my bedside table, since reading helps me go back to sleep…until the next heat flash.  Sometimes I get up and do things, taking advantage of the internal alarm clock, but when I do, mid-morning I hit the wall of exhaustion…   So we work with it. One day at a time, some days better than others.

So as I get older I realize there is a profound difference emerging.  I control less and less of how my body reacts and bounces back.  Like last night,  the full moon was such that I could only stare in wonder at the sky.  But I noticed that the moon isn’t quite as perfect as it used to be…. things have gotten just so ever slightly more fuzzy around the edges.  I have no control over that, it is evidence of my age.  I’m not complaining, but it’s hard not to notice and grieve just a little. Most of the time it’s no problem, and I accept and embrace God’s gift of ongoing life and good health, but there are those moments when I have a hint of panic, not because of the symptoms of age, but because of the realization about how little control we have over so much.

In this media saturated culture we constantly note the toll age takes on our appearance.  The wrong stuff is important.  You can’t go through a grocery check out line without seeing actresses that were once breathtakingly beautiful, rendered almost unrecognizable by all the plastic surgery they get to keep them in the end, not looking like a younger version of themselves, but like somebody else.  In spite of their technological and medically aided denial, age changes them too, no matter how much money they have.  Who on earth was more stunning than say, Elizabeth Taylor in her youth.  But in the end….her personal habits caught up with her and she wore them on her face.  But even if she’d been a marathon runner, by the time she hit 50, she’d still look like a 50 year old runner.   But she is me.  No,  I’ve never looked like THAT, and we don’t share any semblance of a lifestyle but what happened to her is happening to me.  Having such a unique level of beauty, she had further to fall.

But appearance isn’t what concerns me.  It’s the sense of loss of control and independence.  It’s being more frail and so more vulnerable.  Yesterday I saw in the news where an 82 year old woman in San Francisco was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was physically assaulted and nearly killed.  Age teaches me that as it increases, I must rely more and more on the best or worst urges of any person present to be safe.  If they decide to be an aggressor, I am not as strong to defend myself as I once was.  That is frightening.  But that is inevitable.

So today I am asking for your mercy.  Growing old gracefully is not automatic, it takes work.  I am here and now going to make a commitment, a contract of sorts with you. I want to set an example, because boys, you are aging too.  I want never to lose that sense of urgency.  To wake up each morning giving thanks to God for the morning.  To proceed into the day determined to see what causes wonder.  To tell people thank you.  To address issues, even when it is difficult, maybe because it is difficult. You aren’t here, so you won’t be seeing it, but your Dad will, and he will benefit from it.  I want you  to know we won’t sit back on our laurels and get lazy on purpose.  We do this because we are Christians, we do this because we are forgiven in Christ, we do this because we want to be the kind of people you can respect, even when you are not looking.

Having you boys was life-changing.  I never want to lose the wonder; not only in being part of bringing new life into the world, but in seeing life as a precious investment of time God has entrusted us with, regardless of the more  faltering countenance it may bring with it.

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Papers, Please: Activists jokingly demand white bloggers show ID before getting lunch

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No words. The problem isn’t that they try to make a point – it’s that they ALWAYS get the basic facts wrong, thus rendering “the point” as pointless.

Daily Caller logo

By Chris Moody – The Daily Caller | Published: 1:20 PM 07/24/2010 | Updated: 1:38 PM 07/25/2010

LAS VEGAS, NV — It is well known that you should never stand between a blogger and a free lunch, but at NetRoots Nation, all rules get thrown out the window if you’re doing it for a cause. Read More »

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Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News By Jonathan Strong – The Daily Caller

By idaflo | July 22nd, 2010 | 1 Comment » 

A “must read”.  BTW – How do they fill up a pool of liberal journalists?

Sarah Spitz.

Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News

By Jonathan Strong – The Daily Caller
Obama and FOX

FILE - In this Jan. 22, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama, center, stands near Fox News' Major Garrett, left, in the kitchen of the Brady press briefing room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

(Article linked HERE)

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VIDEO Ingraham: Obama Too Incompetent For Gulf Spill

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Hope for America LogoVIDEO of  Ingraham at THE HOPE FOR AMERICA: Obama Too Incompetent For Gulf Spill

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Lutheran Volunteers in the French Quarter (via Pastor Larry Bean)

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From Father Hollywood.

Father Hollywood logoI’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the coolest video of Lutherans from Arlington Heights, Illinois eating oysters, hanging out at Cafe du Monde, and listening to A Mighty Fortress played on a glass harp in the French Quarter (after spending a week doing volunteer work) that you will see all day.

Bons temps!

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Open Mic: The Gulf Oil Disaster

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picture of oil spill muck in the waterFrom “INTERNETMonk” June 2, 2010 by Chaplain Mike

Though I’ve made my opinions clear about “culture war” political machinations, I have also tried to say that Christians should care about public issues.

With that in mind, I’ve been waiting and watching for Christian spokespersons to weigh in about the Deepwater/BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico from a Christian perspective. I’ve wondered about the silence of the evangelical community. Perhaps I’ve missed some commentary, I don’t know.

At any rate, today, I found two articles: (continue reading article(s) here)

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Undercover Census Fraud Investigation: Louisiana

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Shaughn Adeleyeby Shaughn Adeleyeat at “BIGGOVERNMENT.com”

From May 3rd to May 8th of this year, I worked for the United States Census Bureau in Lafayette, Louisiana.  With the aid of a hidden camera, I witnessed and captured evidence of wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars–one systemic failure after another of this a Constitutionally mandated entity during a time of great recession and high unemployment.

The training course consisted of four three-hour days and one eight-hour day. I was paid for a total of 20.75 hours, 3.5 of which I did not work. I was paid with your money, money that was stolen from you….(article continues here)

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Unplugged Christians living off the grid

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CNN picture of man with sheepChurch group “living off the grid”….with an online church. Irony.  Yes, and run by “Brother Gregory” bless his heart,  who has old-school facial hair that screams cult.

I believe folks are drawn to this kind of thing for two reasons: 1) They have been poorly taught that the Christian Church is a set of “Biblical Principles” instead of the place to hear the declaration of “Forgiveness of Sins through Christ and Him crucified” Read More »

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Explaining the Obama National Security Strategy

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The Heritage Foundation sums it up, and it is not pretty.  That being said, it best be known.  No wonder the president is not excited about the free exchange of information on the internet...otherwise known as The New Media.  He doesn’t control it.

Explaining the Obama National Security Strategy

Obama poster with OBEY on it

Yesterday the White House unveiled its national security strategy. It came in basically three parts.

Part One is the “anything but Bush” part. Where the goal is to put as much distance between Obama and Bush – even where there is not a lot space. Renaming the War on Terrorism, the war on al Qaeda is a case in point. Did the Bush administration not know it was fighting al Qaeda? Did Obama stop doing Predator strikes?

Part Two is an overwhelming desire to substitute soft power for hard power. The problem is that soft power – like diplomacy – is not a substitute for hard power.….(article  continues here)

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President Obama’s Terrible, Awful, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

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Posted by Tabitha Hale

Tuesday, May 25th at 2:08PM EDT

There’s no doubt it’s been a rough day (well, week) over at the White House. Let’s recap.

The oil spill in the Gulf has rightly been coined “Obama’s Katrina.” They haven’t done anything, trying to walk the line of making BP pay for their mistakes without actually doing anything yourself. From Jason Meath at BigGovernment.com:  (continue reading here)

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