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A day in the life of Milton… and remembering Peege

By idaflo | August 21st, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

A country road into the mistDear Milton,

So you have your new life in a nursing home.  It smells bad.  Most folks there cannot communicate well, due to impaired mental and physical capacity, so for you as a blind man, it is particularly isolating. You have needs that require custodial care, but they aren’t shaving you enough, you aren’t as clean as you used to be, your legs are starting to swell so now you rely on being moved in a wheelchair…. and you seemed more remote when at first I tried to engage you in conversation.  We’ve been gone for two weeks on vacation; how can you have changed so quickly?  Once we started talking – I asked LOTS of questions, you started to seem more like yourself again. Read More »

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Milton teaches me about blindness and sight

By idaflo | May 19th, 2010 | 1 Comment » 

Blind Girl paintingHis name is Milton and he is 69 years old. To honor Milton, I will use his name, but to protect him, every other person or place has been renamed.

The third of four children, he was born “special” since, according to Milton, the optic nerves between his eyes and his brain never properly connected. Thus, though he can recognize light and dark, he has always been blind.

I met him Sunday morning, November 1, All Saints’ Day 2009.  At church early with my husband the pastor, I was making coffee when the phone rang.  Martha, our congregation’s financial secretary was working on the books in her office, so she took the call.

“Somebody over in Farthoma needs a ride to church. You want to go with me to pick him up?” Such a simple little question.

“Sure.” Read More »

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