A clearinghouse for Ideas; because Ideas have consequences.

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A clearinghouse for Ideas; because Ideas have consequences.

I have always overheard stories, ideas, conversations, disagreements…. did it as a kid, still do it as a grown up.  Much that I read and hear, I like to talk about. Conservative theologically and politically, I love a good joke yet aim not to laugh at others’ expense, since people deserve better than to be objectified as mere specimens.

In the confused cacophony of a fallen world, I am a grain of sand in the cultural landscape – doing my LITTLE BITTY part in helping prevent an ocean from overwhelming the landscape.

Books, articles, on-line posts, or speeches, all inform, even as they enable and inspire in our ability to pass them on to our neighbors. We best elevate the discourse of our culture by sharing precious truth and wisdom gleaned from God’s word and work as revealed through clever, great, or even inspired, minds.

I fear for our country’s future even as I fear for the future of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. We stand at a precipice, in danger of colluding in the erosion of foundational truths upon which we as a people have always stood. Yet in the face of such concern, we are best served when we make choices that are not controlled by reality distorting fear that may paralyze.

About the Author – IdaFlo

Camp Perkins, Lake view

Camp Perkins - where my head and heart go when I need a moment of quiet

Born the fifth of six children (four brothers, one sister), I was raised by two loving parents in Idaho.  We were always involved in church activities.  Spent my summers with family in the mountains, at church camp.  Those formative experiences, family, church, and camp…are the places, sights and sounds to which my mind wanders when it seeks a place of comfort, rest and beauty.

Attended Concordia College (now University) in Seward, Nebraska, where I majored in History and Biblical Theology, receiving a BS in Elementary Education, even while I was certified as a Director of Christian Education.

Was teaching pre-school and then grade school in Idaho when I met and married my husband. Began to take graduate classes in Counseling, but phased out school to focus on having and raising children. We were blessed with three boys. Served as a volunteer in various organizations, but other than providing daycare to families for several years, when I worked outside the home, it was only in a part-time capacity. I don’t subdivide well (and neither did the boys), so kept my focus toward home as much as possible.

We left Idaho ten years ago, so that my husband could attend Seminary to become a Pastor. Our first call was to Northern California where we lived for five years, and last year we moved to the South.  All three boys are adults, either in college or have graduated and are married.

My parents and in-laws are gone; I miss them, and always give thanks for having known them.  The folks handed on to us what was most important to them, faith in Christ.

Helping my husband in his call as a pastor, I realize daily that Christ is faithful.


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