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“Narnia Invaded” by Steven D. Boyer

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Narnia InvadedI appreciate the insights Steven Boyer shares in his article.  Again we see that  sometimes the medium does not serve the message.
Like so many families, we loved reading The Chronicles of Narnia, both together and as individuals, thus the movies were eagerly anticipated. The boys hoped they would be as good as the films of Tolkien’s books had been.
But both Narnia movies left all three of our sons frustrated, even angry. I texted them recently and asked for more details as to why… “was it because they sacrificed the story for the sake of special effects?”
Shared here with his permission,Thomas’ quick response was brief yet insightful: “Yeah, it turned into a lame, happy-clappy, cliché, pseudo-Christian, kids bop ‘lord of the rings’, instead of what it was written to be.”

How the New Films Subvert Lewis’s Hierarchical World (from Touchstone Magazine)

As everyone knows, two Hollywood productions of recent years bear the titles of two of C. S. Lewis’s famous stories from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. The third installment in the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is scheduled for release this December, with The Silver Chair slated for 2011.

Many Christians are very excited about these developments, believing (quite rightly) that Lewis’s stories are shot through with deeply Christian imaginative themes. What can be wrong with disseminating the stories more widely in this way? The answer is: Absolutely nothing—so long as it really is Lewis’s stories being disseminated. But there’s the rub. A thoughtful investigation suggests that the Narnia films are very far from being a faithful representation of Lewis’s own Christian vision of reality.

This is a serious charge, so let me focus it a bit more….(continue reading here)

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