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This Is for You, Joy Behar! A Woman’s Journey from Liberal to Conservative

By idaflo | October 30th, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Joy Beharby Jim Lakely  on October 28, 2010

Forgive the indulgence, but my wife sent me the following email today. She had to get this off her chest, in writing, to clear her mind for painting in her studio. And I think it’s a great story: One woman’s decades-long journey from indoctrinated liberal to free-thinking conservative.

These are the kind of women that Joy Behar insulted — and probably enraged, if my wife is any guide  — when she called Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle “a bitch” who should “go to hell.”

In the spirit of Robin of Berkeley, here is the rest of thisMUST POST and link-to article by Jim Lakely.

And my response follows:

Dear Mr. Lakely,  I believe Joy Behar is an extreme example, just another “hood ornament” for strident liberalism/feminism. Great stuff here, your family is blessed twofold; BOTH of you share a gift for writing. Sets off a storm of thought, since all the information on your wife’s evolution/transformation resonates with my experiences since college.

Long story, won’t go into it here, instead I want to share a few specifics in applying it to my present situation.

I am employed working with folks in an institution that receives much government money due to its focus on dealing with “special needs”. Both liberals and conservatives support the work, but it’s liberals who define our success by how many dollars are being spent on it. Our work is important, we provide therapy, direction, and respite care for parents and family members that need a break from some of the high demands of the mentally or physically challenged folk. Yet often now, “special needs” is far TOO expansive in the way it is defined. Some parents have learned to work the system, so the numbers for those actually needing help becomes inflated. “Needs” equals money in our business, for the parents and for the institutions that provide help.

Sometimes there is a sense that we are involved in fostering and encouraging an entitlement mindset resulting in a whole group of people (often of a minority status) that are now dependent, staying “poor and needy” as defined by a government bureaucracy. If everything is provided, why should they work, marry, or try to succeed? We see folks cheat the system because they don’t care to better themselves. This distorted definition of “success” is being passed on to a whole new generation.

It’s complicated, but not beyond investigation and reformation, if those who dole out the tax funds will take the time to probe and actually follow the money.

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    Thanks for the cross-post promotion, IdaFlo! And thanks, again, for your excellent comment.

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    Thanks for YOUR comment Jim. I eagerly anticipate reading more of what you have to say.

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