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On Politics and Being a Pastor’s Wife

By idaflo | October 26th, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Man and Woman with subtext: "Why tell us about it?"

How can a pastor’s wife be so political? First, I come by it organically; my family is devotedly Republican, thus my roots. People I love and deeply respect have become involved politically, and they have made a difference. Real experience has not jaded my perspective.
But why me? Don’t I fear being divisive and offending people at church? Sure, that is a concern. But I make no apologies any more. (Even though I don’t “talk politics” at church. I AM careful.)
But again, why?
When we moved to California, I attended a few community Republican meetings, to ‘take the temperature’ and see what was being said and done in the state and her GOP.
What I saw eventually prompted me to emerge from the back of the room where I had sat silently watching and learning, eventually taking a leadership role in the particular organization I joined.
Again, why?
When we first arrived, Gray Davis was on the verge of what ultimately became a recall. Then, when Arnold became governator it was exciting to be part of all that; but subtley and deliberately, the tone in the Republican Party began to change… they needed to be more “inclusive” (oh oh,  code-words) You see, up to that point, the Republican Party had been the only highly visible civic organization that was pro-life….but then began the pressure to “reform” the party. This was wrong, and I decided not to sit silently and allow it. One person who speaks to the best convictions in the room can make a difference in the direction a political organization takes; in this particular case, in a conservative county in California. Saying uncomfortable truth makes a difference, it emboldens the squeamish.
So, as long as abortion is at issue, I will speak out. Liberal Feminists along with most Democrats, (you may be the exception, but until now, throughout the past thirty years, you have been shoved under the rug politically) anyway, these groups have transformed the womb, once the most benevolent place on earth, into an execution chamber for ONE out of EVERY FOUR BABIES.
And now they’re trying to kill the old and feeble.
So when that changes, I’ll shut up. Until then, forget about it.

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  • Jackie

    Oh my Goodness, Idaflo! I grew up a “church kid” (i.e. a child whose parents were involved in everything from choir to Sunday School teaching, therefore, we considered church our second home.
    Secondly, I worked as an assistant in a church office from 2007-2010 as my supplement to my art income, and it was an eye-opening experience, to say the least! This was in Pasadena, CA, so we had homeless and/or hard-on-their-luck people coming to the door daily. It was hard, hard work.
    I applaud you as a pastor’s wife for the difficult work of loving your congregation and all others, and also maintaining some kind of private life of meaning outside of your obligations. And I mean that in a very sincere way. It is a really hard balance to strike.

    Anyway, I’m the author of the post about a woman’s journey from liberalism to conservatism on Heartland. Thank you for your kind comments. I was terrified to “out” myself, as it can have ramifications in the art world. Your support made it feel a little less terrifying.

    In gratitude,


  • IdaFlo

    Thanks for taking the time to respond here, and talk about your experience via the article your husband posted Jackie. I find your words encouraging, and thus energizing.
    There are more of us out here than we know. Please keep talking, we need to hear from each other, as emerging conservative women… who seek, acknowledge, and embrace truths bigger than we are, and along the way (by the way), actually like men. Radical feminists wholeheartedly approve of masculine behavior as long as it’s NOT a man engaging in it. But that’s a topic for another post I guess.

    And by the way, I’d love to see some of your art. Do you have it featured online someplace?

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