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Political Correctness: Morality’s Poison Pill

By idaflo | October 2nd, 2010 | No Comments » 

Although it is not safer nor sane to give blanket approval to any group of folks (fallen humanity and all that…you know, sin) — when it comes to the folks at American Thinker, I have not yet encountered anything written that didn’t  resonate with my deeply held core beliefs.  Even if I should disagree with what one of the writers is saying, I still appreciate the opportunity to read what these deep-thinkers write.

Thanks American Thinker for serving internet truth seekers everywhere.

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By Greg Halvorson at American Thinker

There is much talk, and much to say, about what ails America, but one problem, certainly, is political correctness, which along with “tolerance” has become entrenched in daily life. Tolerance and its cousin diversity have become hegemonic in society, a dominant narrative which undermines dialogue with respect to truth. It’s one thing to be civil and to strive for compassion, and quite another to deem it offensive to judge behavior, regardless of whether that judgment is sound…(continue reading here)

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