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On Bedbugs, Abortion and Brown Recluse Spiders

By idaflo | September 20th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Brown Recluse SpiderSome businesses, particularly those in Manhattan are literally being forced to shutdown, due to an invasion of bedbugs.

But closer to home, and far from the East Coast, one part of the building where I work has experienced an infestation of Brown Recluse Spiders.  We have been warned, ever-present spider traps have been set, we are on the lookout. The difficulty for us, lies in the fact that these spiders hide.  It isn’t until you’ve picked something up, or moved it over that you may uncover such a creature, and then, if you are unlucky enough to receive a bite from one, you may not even be aware of it initially.  Perhaps there is a slight stinging sensation, the pain doesn’t begin till later, when the damage to tissue, bloodstream, nervous system and eventually body organs has taken hold.  The resulting pain and suffering, can even result in death for the person who has been bitten.

So what on earth does this have to do with abortion?

On Friday, an associate at work confided in me that another young, unmarried co-worker had decided to have an abortion the day before. My heart sank, I felt sick, but listened to the news, not allowing any of the inevitable emotional heartache I always feel upon such news, to show up on my face, afraid that any reaction on my part may drive her to silence. My initial thought/prayer: “Oh God, why don’t you allow me to know about these things BEFORE they happen, more often.  Perhaps, if I’d even KNOWN she was pregnant, we could have said something, offered emotional support, even pleaded for the life of the innocent”, but this will not be.  It’s over. Done. One dead unborn child, one mother who desired, sought and received a dead child at the hands of the abortionist.  The pregnancy is not “undone”.  It is over.  But not really.  Much like the spider bite, which at first almost can’t be seen it has only just begun.Woman holding "I Regreat My Abortion" sign

So now we watch.  She is apparently fine.  Experiencing a sense of relief, even. No physical indicators of the pain or consequences… yet.  But I’ve known many of these young women.  Right now the boyfriend is in the picture, but for how long?  And the parents of the abortion recipient, who dislike the aborted child’s father due to his race and behavior, even pressuring her to procure the abortion, how much more damage will they do to the girl’s life before she cuts herself loose and tries somehow to be on her own?  But now it will always be “after the abortion”.  As the days and years go by, this will be the watershed moment, the dress-rehearsal for the way she will make major decisions for the rest of her life.

I sound dramatic? I’m overstating the consequences? No, this is the voice of experience talking.  Though I have not had an abortion, many of my friends and family have. And it isn’t difficult to find much helpful information re-affirming exactly what I’m saying.

So what do I do? I watch, wait, try to make myself available to listen, and pray for opportunities to share the good news of God’s comfort and forgiveness, watching for indicators of post-abortion stress disorder, a condition that is ONLY being denied by those in Planned Parenthood who profit financially from promoting abortion.

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