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An Interview With Kate O’Beirne – from John Hawkins

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Kate O’Beirne, subject of the following interview by John Hawkins, is the author of:

Kate O'BeirneWomen Who Make the World Worse: and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports.

John Hawkins: One of the promos for your book reads: “Disproved: the common myth that women with similar education, skills, and job experience work for salaries 25 percent less than those of men.” Tell us about that.

Kate O’Beirne: The notion that American women face a discriminatory wage gap, which is vigorously promoted by the kind of woman I talk about in this book, is absolutely untrue. Yet, how often have we heard that a woman with similar education levels, skills, and experience gets paid only 76 cents to a man’s dollar? The so-called wage gap is the gift that keeps on giving to the modern woman’s movement.

The basic economic point should first be appreciated. If it’s true that a woman with the exact same qualifications and experience would be willing to work for 76 cents to a man’s dollar, who would ever hire a man? You could hire an all female work force and bury the competition. There is no discriminatory wage gap.

John Hawkins: So there is no gap at all or what causes the difference?...(continue reading HERE)

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