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The Gospel of Obama

By idaflo | September 18th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Robin of Berkeley is my favorite columnist.

I say that every time I post one of her columns.  It bears repeating.  In this post, the story of her childhood and ultimate awakening out of a liberalism  toward faith in God is both moving and honest, infused with deep hope.

Robin of Berkeley, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to discover the hope that is found in Divine forgiveness.  I pray it will be at the cross that you see Christ as your shining hour and final destination.

American Thinker - thinkerBy Robin of Berkeley – September 15, 2010

American Thinker

I recently made a mistake in one of my articles, relying on (faulty) memory and failing to fact-check. Upon realizing my error, I began to do what I always do: flagellate myself mercilessly.

I absolutely hate making mistakes. But more than this, I fear them. As a psychotherapist, I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out why (continue reading HERE).

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