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The Perils of ‘Wannabe Cool’ Christianity

By idaflo | August 15th, 2010 | 1 Comment » 

Timely, important. It is vital that the Christian community engage in deep theological discussion concerning this emotional issue.

Mark Driscoll and Bill HybelsBy BRETT MCCRACKEN at The Wall Street Journal

‘How can we stop the oil gusher?” may have been the question of the summer for most Americans. Yet for many evangelical pastors and leaders, the leaking well is nothing compared to the threat posed by an ongoing gusher of a different sort: Young people pouring out of their churches, never to return.

As a 27-year-old evangelical myself, I understand the concern. My peers, many of whom grew up in the church, are losing interest in the Christian establishment….(continue reading HERE)

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  • IdaFlo

    From a brother/pastor on Facebook: “Perhaps McCracken’s distinction between “real” and “cool” is troublesome because it challenges a deception our culture wants so desperatelyto believe: that form is neutral, and has only assigned meaning. That is a gnostic rendition of rea…lity. While the Church is obligated to engage our culture, our engagement must necessarily be counter-cultural. If we think we can proclaim the truth by assuming that form or method does not impact the substance of our message, we have not engaged our culture. We have conceded to it.”

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