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Simon Dodd (@ExSimon) defines Third Wave Feminism

By idaflo | August 14th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Simon Dodd or @ExSimonGreat stuff there Simon, thanks for sharing the insight.

On Saturday 14th August 2010, @ExSimon said:

@sistertoldjah that kinda-sorta connects with a discussion I had yesterday with @elsbet about the Cassy Fiano piece you retweeted yesterday. Fiano’s broader point, I suggested (and I may simply be superimposing my own view over Fiano’s argument), is that, feminism went wrong by ceasing to be femiNINEism. That is, it shifted its goal; instead of seeking to make the feminine equal to the masculine, as second wavers had, third wave feminism abruptly changed direction: it wanted to open masculine behavior to female participation. Thus, women could be equal to the extent that they acted in a masculine paradigm, and equality meant that society didn’t prevent them from doing so.

In Britain, instead of opposing so-called “lad culture” as poisonous troglodytism (which it was), feminism instead demanded that women be allowed to behave just as badly as the “lads,” and that they should be allowed to be “ladettes” without anyone looking askance at it.
Predictably, the result was not to make the world safe for the feminine, but to multiply its enemies, uniting lads and ladettes against traditional feminine behavior. Third waver seem horrified by women who choose a traditionally feminine identity instead of joining in with the debased, distorted idea of masculine identity represented by “lad culture.” And to make things worse even worse, the authentic, chivalrous masculinity and its positives has been a casualty of this, left behind bleeding ingloriously on the battlefield.

The old saw is that a man who sleeps around is a stud and a woman who sleeps around is a slut. Authentic feminism, in my view, demands that we call *both* sluts (if we must call them anything at all), while the third wavers demand that we call the woman a stud. (The biological irony usually eludes them.) They have dressed capitulation up like a whore and called it empowerment. Consisely put, the question serious feminists must (but will not) ask is this: why has feminism come to mean women acting no better than men, instead of demanding that men act no worse than women? (Found at Twitlonger)

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