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Is Islam Really the Second-Fastest Growing Religion?

By idaflo | August 11th, 2010 | 1 Comment » 

Islam The religious makeup of the world is changing, but the media’s focus on the West is causing many to be blind to Islam’s losing of ground in the third world.

At – August 10, 2010 – by Ryan Mauro

It’s a stated fact everywhere from the media to academia to churches: Islam is the second-fastest growing religion. It will become the biggest religion during this century. Christianity is going out of style and Islam is the new kid on the block. We hear it from those wanting to give the Muslim community a bigger voice; from those complaining about Western ignorance; from those trying to put Islam on the same plane as Christianity and Judaism; and even in churches decrying the lack of evangelical fervor among the congregation.

But is it really true? ….

…Christianity is changing into a smaller but more devout and active force…”.(article continues HERE)

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