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New Documentary on the Destructive Left (with VIDEO)

By idaflo | August 3rd, 2010 | No Comments » 

Curtis BowersPictured to the left, film’s producer, Curtis Bowers who talks about the why and how of the film HERE

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer)

James Simpson – (commenting at American Thinker)

Below is a trailer for a must see new video by Curtis Bowers, Agenda: Grinding America Down.  It includes the perspective of many well-known policy experts, including Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese, III, Trevor Loudon, Phyllis Schafly, Brannon Howse, M. Stanton Evans, Dr. Robert Chandler, and many others. This documentary DVD is well worth the modest price.

Note: while I was also interviewed for this documentary, I will not receive, nor did I ask for any remuneration. My only interest in promoting this video is seeing the facts contained herein communicated to the public – facts that our media has utterly failed to disclose.

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