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Great Stuff Found on the Web — Gottesdienstonline on “What Harrison Can Do”

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Heath Curtis is a brilliant man.  Am certain we will be hearing and reading much more from him in the future.

What Harrison Can Do

by Fr. H. R. Curtis

I have often wondered at people lamenting the LCMS’ lack of bishops. The problem with the LCMS is that she has far too many bishops. A bishop, in the Lutheran understanding, is a holder of the pastoral office exercising all the duties thereof. There is only one Office of the Ministry, and it can only be passed on whole and undivided. You can’t give some men just give a piece of the Office, as in Rome’s understanding. Some men, for the sake of good order, might not exercise all of the duties thereof – but all have the same Office, all are bishops.

Therefore a bishop acting as a bishop is a shepherd of souls – he is somebody’s pastor. He’s a steward of the mysteries and as such has the authority to see to the proper administration of those mysteries: “To this we answer that it is lawful for bishops or pastors to make ordinances that things be done orderly in the Church.” (AC XXVIII.53)….(continue reading HERE)

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