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By idaflo | August 3rd, 2010 | No Comments » 

Sometimes the smart ones behave stupidly when given the opportunity to practice what they preach, as revealed here at the BLOG –  IGNATIUS Insight Scoop

St. Ignatius of LoyolaCheck, check, and check. That’s right, this must be a post about the upside-down world of ivory towers and the inside-out people that reside therein. From the Inside Higher Ed website, an anecdote from Timothy Larsen.

I had lunch this summer with a prospective graduate student at the evangelical college where I teach. I will call him John because that happens to be his name. John has done well academically at a public university. Nevertheless, as often happens, he said that he was looking forward to coming to a Christian university, and then launched into a story of religious discrimination….(continue reading HERE)

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