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Who Knew? (Whale Defender speaks up.)

By idaflo | July 24th, 2010 | No Comments » 

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Published by Lee S. Gliddon, Jr. on Jul 23rd, 2010 at We’re Right –

Target: Prime Minister J�annes Eidesgaard Sponsored by: John Koehler

Whales are sensitive, social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress, terror and pain. Each year, the Faroese kill pilot whales and other small cetaceans.

Islanders in motorboats first drive the whales into a bay. The chase may be lengthy. The exhausted, terrified and confused whales are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each whale until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying whales.

The Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims….(article continues HERE)

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