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Report from the Front: “Mere Functionalism” and Women’s ordination

By idaflo | July 7th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Touchstone headerFor those seeking to understand why we don’t ordain women into the pastoral ministry, and

From the ongoing battle of Christianity against egalitarianism . . . .(Posted by S. M. Hutchens)

A friend referred me to an article where once again the familiar argument for women’s ordination had been made by what I referred to in my response to her on purely functionalist grounds: women can perform all the necessary actions of ordained ministry as well as men–a point fully agreed to by C. S. Lewis, by the way, in “Priestesses in the Church?”–so it is irrational to deny them ordination.  What term, my friend asked, should we use as the orthodox antithesis to “functionalism,” particularly with regard to the preaching and teaching office we understand as peculiar to men?….(continue article )

Thanks to Paul T. McCain for pointing out article.

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