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Activists to protest sex trafficking outside Craigslist office

By idaflo | July 5th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Painting of little girl - Le Leon Difficile by William Gouguereau

Le Leon Difficile by William Gouguereau

Yet again, some have learned to exploit those damaged or made more vulnerable by broken families.

This helps put the focus on  the precious and particular value of  fathers in children’s lives.  I realize the organizations and politicians in this story are liberal, but concerning this issue, they make an important point.

By Kim I. Hartman at DIGITAL JOURNAL

San Francisco – Human Rights activists have scheduled a protest at the headquarters of Craigslist for Thursday afternoon. Activists want Craigslist to put a stop to human sex trafficking through the adult services section of its website….

…Craigslist remains above the law says Ramos of CATW. “We are sending a message to Craigslist from the human rights community that by hosting these ads they are partially responsible for much of the rank exploitation that is human trafficking.” she asks “Craigslist to close the “Adult Services” section of their website and set a sex industry-free standard which would help to eliminate human trafficking on the internet.”(continue reading here)

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