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How to Dismantle a Legislative Majority

By idaflo | July 1st, 2010 | No Comments » 

Pelosi and ObamaCongressional Democrats think Americans want what they’re selling.

BY Gary Andres at The Weekly Standard
July 1, 2010

If legislation were dirt, Democrats would have piled up a mountain of it over the past 18 months, digging themselves in a deep political hole in the process.

The House that Nancy (Pelosi) built continues to ramrod new policies through the legislative process, hoping the bustle will salve America’s sour mood. Senate Democrats move a little more slowly due to different institutional rules, yet their hearts are in the same place: the more legislative production the better.

That’s what legislators do, after all.  New laws are like seed corn, intended to grow public support.

But it’s not working….(continue reading here)

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