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When “diversity hires” attack

By idaflo | June 29th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Dave Weigel

By M.Z. Hemingway at

On Friday, Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel — who covered conservative groups — resigned his position after incendiary partisan emails he had sent were published by the Daily Caller. The day before, some of his intemperate emails were published by Fishbowl DC. He had apologized already for those and chalked them up to a bad day.

All of the emails were sent to a closed professional list-serv that required privacy as a condition of membership. So all hell broke loose when these emails were published and there is a lot of commentary you can read about the situation. Almost all of the inside-the-beltway folks rushed to his defense. Media critics did likewise. Ross Douthat of the New York Timesthe list had a rat and that someone published the leaked material. Beliefnet’s Rod Dreher also laments the violation of privacy. At the end of Dreher’s post on the matter, he brings the discussion around to religion coverage. And I think he draws some interesting comparisons….(continue article here)

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