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Victoria’s secret… NO more

By idaflo | June 11th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Like most Christian Conservatives, I hate to offend people.  Yet the truth will do that, even when it’s delivered with great care – something Victoria Jackson knows well.

I like Victoria.  She used to be creative and funny on Saturday Night Live, but now  in real life, she is allowing her once secret Christian faith and conservative political views, to become highly visible.  Her gifts enable her to find more work in comedy,  but more importantly, she uses her fame as a vehicle to boldly deliver an essential  message.

Victoria serves as a role model to encourage the more timid to stand  for what is good, true, and right, even when doing so is misunderstood, understood too well, or otherwise unpopular.

I’m Mad at Christians

Victoria Jacksonby Victoria Jackson

I was sitting in Church-Lady Helen’s living room. Someone commented on the illegal immigration problem. I said, “For some strange reason our government doesn’t know that illegal immigration is illegal.” Pious Helen stuck her nose in the air and proudly declared, “I never discuss politics.”

I felt like I’d just been punched in the face.

Is it a sin to watch the news? Maybe it’s okay to watch it, but not to talk about it.

I was sitting in the pew of my old church, sucking on a Coffee Nip, 30 calories, and mentally calculating my caloric intake of the day….so far, I had about 970 calories left for the day if I was to lose 20 pounds by…I focused on the sermon again.

The pastor said, “Okay…I’ll just come out and say it. (angry face) Instead of clicking a button and sending out some email information about the President…why don’t you spend 15 minutes praying for him?

He was looking right at me.

My mind shouted back at him, “Why can’t we do both?!”

I do both.

Are Christians allowed to read and think ? Or are we only allowed to pray?!…(continue reading HERE)

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