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Feminists: Can’t live with ’em…ESPECIALLY if you’re Unwanted/Unborn

By idaflo | June 11th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Over at NEWSREALBLOG.COM, Lori Ziganto has it right… (I LOVE the poster)

Reminds me of  “Flo’s FOUR RULES OF CALIFORNIA FEMINISM” I came up with, while living in California: (rules even some MEN have adopted)

1) Truth is determined by what I am feeling.

2) What I am feeling justifies anything I say or do.

3) If you cannot read my mind (are telepathic), you are insensitive (Pastor!)

4) When I do not get my own way, I AM A VICTIM.

Feminism PosterTina Brown Says “Wingnut” Women Blow To Feminism. I say, What Feminism?

2010 June 10

Sorry, Tina Brown, but feminism is already dead. And I say, “You’re welcome.” As perpetual children, you self-avowed feminists may not thank us yet. You may continue to stomp and whine and throw your little tantrums, petulantly holding your mouths closed to the icky vegetables known as truth, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, but one day you will thank us….(must read article continues here)

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