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Pro-Life Message…from CNN (with VIDEO link)

By idaflo | June 9th, 2010 | No Comments » 

CNN’s Gupta: Womb is a ‘Sacred Space’ and a ‘Safe Refuge’ for ‘Babies’?

Matthew BalanBy Matthew Balan – Tue, 06/08/2010 – at NEWSBUSTERS.ORG

CNN anchor Dr. Sanjay Gupta refreshingly made an implicitly pro-life argument during a report about how toxic chemicals possibly affect the unborn children: “Here in the womb, enveloped in darkness and warmth, a baby’s life begins in earnest. It is a sacred space: pristine, insulated, more than nine months of safe refuge from the world outside” .
Dr. Gupta made that statement as he gave a voice-over for the first segment of his “Toxic Childhood” special, which first aired on Thursday evening at 8 pm Eastern. CGI of a baby in the womb played as he described the “sacred space.” The anchor continued on this note in his first question to Dr. Frederica Perera of Columbia University: “We imagine a baby sort of nice and safe and tucked away in the womb, impervious to all the assaults that occur on the body. You say, not so fast?” So Gupta twice referred to the unborn human as a “baby.”.(rest of article and VIDEO linked HERE)

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