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What about…Dad?

By idaflo | June 8th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Forgotten Father’s Day: Abortion Has Negative Impact for Men, Relationships Note: David Reardon is the director of the Elliot Institute, a group that has spent decades conducting research post-abortion issues for men and women.

In the early 1970s, Arthur Shostak accompanied his partner to a well-groomed suburban abortion clinic. They had both agreed abortion was best. But sitting in the waiting room proved to be a “bruising experience.” By the time he left the clinic, he was shocked by about how deeply disturbed he had become.

A professor of sociology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Shostak spent the subsequent ten years studying the abortion experience of men. His study included a survey of 1,000 men who accompanied their wives or girlfriends to abortion clinics.

Shostak’s study was published in Men and Abortion: Lessons, Losses and Love, in 1984. The value of this study is limited to reporting mostly the short term reactions of men to the pregnancy and the decision to abort. In addition, because of the selection process, this study did not reflect the attitudes or experiences of men who did not accompany their partners to the abortion clinic–which could be because they were unaware of the pregnancy and abortion, because they were casual or unsupportive partners, or because they were opposed to the abortion. Despite these significant limitations, Shostak’s study, using the largest group of men ever surveyed about their abortions, is still the benchmark study in this understudied field….(continue reading here)

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