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…marketing “over our dead bodies”.

By idaflo | June 7th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Cemetery with fireworks overheadMy father told me:  “You can tell much about a people, by the way they treat their dead. Thus, I learned from a very early age, to walk carefully through a cemetery.  You don’t step on the dead. Not out of superstition, but in order to show respect to those now resting there; to honor their life, acknowledging the solemnity of their death, a cause of suffering and loss.  Isn’t each plot of ground in these places purchased by the occupant of the grave…as their last piece of property?  How do they give their consent when what they intended to be a final resting place,  becomes an amusement park?  Of course some would not care, but isn’t it  presumptive for others, to decide for all?

I see this as bordering on mocking the dead, even as a denial of the profound nature of death.  We have historically somber practices that treat graves as holy ground, based on the fact that that  “the wages of sin is death”, and that all this death is why  Christ died.  Historically, cemeteries remind us of that. We have been promised that we will rise,  from those very graves that are thus marked with religious symbols and reminders noting that fact Is the Christian who sees the point of burial as being more holy because it is also the point at which they will be resurrected to be discriminated against because their only recourse for burial is such a public cemetery? link to DENVER POST

Wheat Ridge cemetery seeks to liven up with art, concerts

By Douglas Brown at The Denver Post 6/07/2010

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