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‘HIYW spirituality’ (hold the religion)

By idaflo | June 4th, 2010 | No Comments » 

By Bobby Ross Jr. at

Via CNN comes news that SBNR has, for many young people, replaced WWJD.

SBNR, of course, refers to “spiritual but not religious.” Or, as one Huffington Post blogger interviewed by CNN referred to it, “Burger King spirituality — have it your own way.” (article continues here, with VIDEO goodness)

‘Tis reminiscent of a former post here, where I described what was billed as a worship service, but what actually turned out to be nothing more than a cheap gimmick by a delinquent shepherd in his  “marketing campaign”….justa’ drummin’ up bodies for numbers on Sunday – as suggested by promoters of the Flamey Thingy in our own dear Missouri Synod.

Their Creed?  “Whatever it takes” since “Differences in Doctrine don’t matter, we’ll postpone THAT part indefinitely”. (Spare me your indignation growthers, I spent ten years in one of those churches…twenty years later they STILL aren’t taking the time to teach and their youth, my kids’ peers ARE NOT sticking around.)

But, After all, “This isn’t your Grandfather’s, Grandmother’s”, and I would add, Father’s, Mother’s and soon not even your Children’s church“.   The slavery to trends is giving our children, and thus THEIR children, nothing of substance to cling to.

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