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Unplugged Christians living off the grid

By idaflo | May 29th, 2010 | No Comments » 

CNN picture of man with sheepChurch group “living off the grid”….with an online church. Irony.  Yes, and run by “Brother Gregory” bless his heart,  who has old-school facial hair that screams cult.

I believe folks are drawn to this kind of thing for two reasons: 1) They have been poorly taught that the Christian Church is a set of “Biblical Principles” instead of the place to hear the declaration of “Forgiveness of Sins through Christ and Him crucified”

2) They are afraid of what is happening around them and are recruited into a group with a leader that makes them feel safe, with a more rigid sense of security they lack.

The  diversion in their path does not bode well for their future.  Eventually, it’s going to get wacky, far away from anything orthodox Christianity would recognize.  And so we ask, “Why would CNN do such a story on such a group”,  when there are so many more normal, average American traditional Christian average Joes and Janes who have been involved in the TEA Party movement; yet CNN has said so little about them?  Could it be that this is just one more story that reinforces the idea that devoted Christians are… weird?

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Unplugged Christians living off the grid (linked)

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