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Explaining the Obama National Security Strategy

By idaflo | May 29th, 2010 | No Comments » 

The Heritage Foundation sums it up, and it is not pretty.  That being said, it best be known.  No wonder the president is not excited about the free exchange of information on the internet...otherwise known as The New Media.  He doesn’t control it.

Explaining the Obama National Security Strategy

Obama poster with OBEY on it

Yesterday the White House unveiled its national security strategy. It came in basically three parts.

Part One is the “anything but Bush” part. Where the goal is to put as much distance between Obama and Bush – even where there is not a lot space. Renaming the War on Terrorism, the war on al Qaeda is a case in point. Did the Bush administration not know it was fighting al Qaeda? Did Obama stop doing Predator strikes?

Part Two is an overwhelming desire to substitute soft power for hard power. The problem is that soft power – like diplomacy – is not a substitute for hard power.….(article  continues here)

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