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Palin’s new neighbor is out classed, out-numbered, out gunned…it IS Alaska.

By idaflo | May 28th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Stories likPalin and Goldberge this cause me to wonder if those on the left have any warm blood at all running through their veins.  What mother, from the Left OR the Right doesn’t understand how violated you would feel, should an avowed enemy moved in right next door,  JUST to observe and try to find something nasty about you and everyone who means most to you, i.e.,  your MINOR children, your beloved husband and anybody else who is a guest at your home.  When you are Sarah Palin, they hate you,  just because you are you, thus you exist below a level of respect.

It is a testament to the irrelevancy of modern feminism when they stay silent about such behavior against a very successful woman who happens to be conservative. Unbelievable. This is right up there with Whoopi Goldberg saying the rape Roman Polanski committed against a young girl wasn’t really a “rape rape” …because Whoopi likes Polanski…he’s SUCH an artist; but more because he’s such a liberal and thus exists above and beyond any moral compass.

Here is a link to a video about what happened when the tables were turned on Joe McGinniss.

ABC News Reporter Upsets Author Living Next to Palin by Knocking on His Door

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