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On Tolerance, Christian faith, Obama, and the Supreme Court

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As always, The American Thinker is sharing insight on “the cutting edge” of events and their historical importance. That rare publication with a deliberate telescopic yet microscopic view.  The depth and breadth of their intellectual capital not only reports and comments, but often actually alters the course of the discussion in the public square.

May 06, 2010

Obama’s Supreme Court Choice: No Evangelicals Need Apply

By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

….It’s not as if the Protestants have gone the way of the passenger pigeon. There are still hundreds of millions of them in America. But the largest group among Protestants is no longer the Methodists; it’s the Evangelicals. How many of these are there? Because our U.S. Census has never asked about religion, it’s difficult to say with precision. A liberal publication, Public Eye Magazine, recently put the number at between 25% to 45% of the U.S. population…..Would even one of these Evangelicals wind up on President Obama’s short list for nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court? Don’t bet on it…(article continues here)


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