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GQ mocks Special Olympics and supportive conservative

By idaflo | May 24th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Extreme smugness does not reflect well on the writers/editors of any publication, especially when the object of their disdain is not only unable to defend themselves, but would only respond with charity if given the opportunity; thus proving  THEIR  superiority over the self-absorbed liberal snobs at GQ.

It was a cheap, even sloppy shot, poorly thought out, poorly aimed, the nozzle of their gun shooting them and not their intended targets,  Blount and the special needs folks.

Dr. Gina Loudan, keep talking. May others heed your suggestion so that perhaps in the future, GQ will go the way of Newsweek, and so many other skewered publications – on their way out because nobody wants to waste the time to read them anymore.

By Dr. Gina Loudan at BIG

Dr. Gina Loudan‘Tolerant’ Leftist Journalist Mocks Congressman For Supporting Special Olympics

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