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Obama and the New Normal By Robin of Berkeley

By idaflo | May 22nd, 2010 | 1 Comment » 

You will find as you grow older that courage is the rarest of all qualities to be found in public life.” Benjamin Disraeli

Robin of Berkeley is one of my favorite columnists.  A self-described recovering liberal and psychotherapist in Berkeley, Robin is one courageous lady. Every time she posts anything on The American Thinker, I post a link to it, wherever I can; I want others to read what this deep,  insightful, even brilliant woman has to say.

Thank you, Robin of Berkeley.

Her latest article is linked HERE.  But here is an intro. to it,  just the first few paragraphs:

American Thinker - thinker paintingThe human brain is a complicated organ. It can be infinitely pliable but also maddeningly rigid.

Humans can be slow to recognize signs of imminent disaster. While red flags are flapping wildly in the wind, the person ignores any and all warnings.

But the brain can be highly suggestible, too, easily controlled and shaped by advertisers and spin doctors. Thus, after countless ads, a person associates soda with Coke, search engines with Google. And after having “Yes we can,” burned into their neural pathways, all hope and change is connected to Obama.

That’s why it’s crucial to notice all the “firsts.” Because once something is repeated often enough, it becomes the New Normal….(continue reading here)

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  • Ted

    The 'New Normal' usually happens to people who don't think for themselves, but I wonder with today's education system whether that is encouraged. It seems alot of ideological 'givens' are presented as facts.

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