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The dangers of digital copy machines. (Whoa!)

By idaflo | May 21st, 2010 | 2 Comments » 

Cartoon - Man making copies at copy machine of little versions of selfI received this message from a friend.

The attached video report is very disturbing, considering how often most of us use a copier to make copies of ID, SSN, and tax information to comply with requests on applications for loans or jobs. Did you know that every page that is ever scanned on a digital copier record is stored on an internal hard drive? If you were a criminal, all you would need to do would be to access the information and use it for identity theft.

This is a very alarming CBS News report (linked HERE) on potential risks, describing what happens when you copy something, and then the machines are sold.


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  • Laura

    Hi Flo! I just wanted to introduce myself…I Phil's mom and your son is living with us for a few days. (He is such a great kid!) Tom was telling us about your blog and I found it! I have a blog, too I think your son shows up in a few pictures. Glad to to get to know you!

  • IdaFlo

    Thanks so much for taking care of Thomas; we are grateful that he has been given “long distance parents” who care for him and share the same confession of faith in Christ. I am certain that, given the nature of their work, “Phil and Tom” will get big muscles this summer.
    I look forward to future contact,

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