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Concerning God and Parents…quote from J. Budziszewski

By idaflo | May 20th, 2010 | 3 Comments » 

We have a friend who deliberately declined to give his children any religious instruction in their upbringing.  This quote from Budziszewski drives home some vital points that are useful should such a discussion come up.

And even when it doesn’t.

Baby in window play pen

“A good many parents decline to give their children any religious instruction, saying that they think it is better to ‘let them make up their own minds,’

But declining to teach is itself a way of teaching, a very effective one, and it teaches children a very definite creed with eight articles:

(1) It is not important for children to know anything  about God.

(2) The questions which children naturally ask about Him require no answers.

(3) Parents know nothing about Him worth passing on.

(4) To think about Him adequately, no preparation is needed.

(5) What adults think about Him makes no difference.

(6) By implication, He does not make any difference either; God is not to be treated as God.

(7) If anything is to be treated as God, it will have to be something other than Him.

(8) This is the true creed, and all other creeds are false.”

(“What We Can’t Not Know,” by J. Budziszewski, pp. 162-3.)

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  • Ted

    This is true, and what about parents who just take their kids to church just to be entertained by some social event, rather than hearing the Gospel. Sadly, alot more kids seem to fall in that category.

  • IdaFlo

    The world is hostile to the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is essential for navigating the often choppy or stormy waters of life, as he forgives and takes us home.
    Am so grateful for all the moments that became years that I had with our children. They taught, I learned, I taught, they learned. Words are not enough to express what all that has meant to me. I often told them, “I'd rather have a bad day with you, than a good day with anyone else.”
    Daily, we witness the consequences of parents who don't realize the vital role they play in Christian faith formation with their kids. Both kids and parents miss out on the best life has to offer.

  • Ted

    That's a cool quote! I'll have to share that with Benita. Our girls are about grown, but they still present their problems.

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