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Aborting girls because they’re girls – worldwide

By idaflo | May 11th, 2010 | No Comments » 

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Britain’s hidden gendercide: How Britain’s Asians are copying Indian cousins and aborting girls

By Kishwar Desai Last updated at 2:28 AM on 11th May 2010

For the hospital sonographer, it’s just another routine 20-week ultrasound scan. The baby is developing perfectly and, helpfully, is lying in the right position to make identification of its gender straightforward. ‘Would you like to know the sex?’ she asks. The anxious-looking Indian woman who has been staring so intently at the monitor, smiles nervously. ‘Oh yes, please,’ she says, her slight Midlands accent betraying the fact that she was born in Britain.

‘Well, you’re having a little girl. Isn’t that lovely?’ If the sonographer had been a little less tired, she might have noticed the slight hesitation before her patient’s reply, the fleeting look of desperate disappointment that crossed her face. But both are gone in a split second. ‘Oh yes, wonderful news, my husband will be pleased.’

But the woman is lying – just as hundreds of other British women of Indian origin do every year. Their husbands certainly won’t be pleased by news of another daughter and nor, more often than not, are they.

Sickening cycle: This baby girl was found in an Indian jungle just  a day after she was born

What was it daadi (grandmother) used to say? Bringing up a baby girl is like watering a neighbor’s garden. What her grandmother meant, of course, is that it’s an absolute waste of time and money.

As she straightens her clothing and walks out of the hospital, the woman shudders, knowing full well what lies ahead….….(Continue reading here).

And so the human sacrifices continue. Abortion, whenever, wherever, ultimately for whatever reason.

This storyline hurts.  It never gets easier.  I see the pictures of the destroyed unborn in my mind, in pictures, and online.  I know and  can recall the faces of their mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, their aunts, uncles, grandparents and the grieving friends of all mentioned. I know these people, you know these people, even if you don’t know you know these people. They’re everywhere.  Though nothing I say is new, it still needs to be said, and repeated, over and over and over….

It is amazing that something so ugly and destructive as abortion, is defended by women who are given the exclusive privilege of carrying the future generations of family, country and even the Christian Church (militant AND triumphant – remember, we have a bodily resurrection), in their own wombs.  But this privilege is labeled a burden, since it requires personal sacrifice and an investment of one’s own time and life.  Thus the big picture is subsumed by the little ego… it becomes “all about me and my wants and needs” and the future of humanity, it’s very survival is dismissed as bothersome.

Again, abortion never happens in a vacuum, and it is NEVER attractive, though it is SO heavily promoted in feminist and liberal circles.  Yes promoted.  This is the defining issue for Liberals in choosing a Supreme Court Justice.  Just think of that. Allow yourself to be surprised again. We are desensitized against being shocked by such a concept.

For a moment,  recall with me  just who is involved in making the ultimate sacrifice in any given abortion.  These are, each and every one of them, babies, human little people, whose only flaw is that they have parents who don’t want to protect them through a pregnancy so that they might be allowed to be born alive.  Instead, they are sentenced to a torturous death in their mother –  the sole goal of their existence – that they be born dead. And then when the mothers of conscience realize what they have done….but that is something to discuss at another time, because forgiveness in Christ has to be included in that discussion.  For now, this will be about what happens to the little ones.  And this?

This is sickening.  This is dehumanizing. This is why we keep talking about it.

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