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On chasing storms in Oklahoma and…Golf

By idaflo | May 11th, 2010 | No Comments » 

As fascinating as the scene is, what is even more amazing to me is that Andy Gabrielson is racing his car past all the others on the road, to go TOWARD the tornadoes.  I can understand his excitement, but I also know, if I’d been there, I’d be dashing off in the opposite direction.  Tornadoes are too frightening to mesmerize  me into chasing one.

Severe Studios with Tornado image on logo

Submitted by SevereStudios on Mon, 05/10/2010 – 11:52pm.

Tornadoes near Wakita area and east of Perry in Oklahoma, captured by Andy Gabrielson, as found at Severe Studios

And speaking of damaging storms….this from
Philadelphia Inquirer logo

Bob Ford: Tiger Woods’ crack-up and collateral damage

By Bob Ford – Inquirer Sports Columnist

When Tiger Woods cracked up his car at the end of the driveway on Thanksgiving night, the golfer came away from the wreck with a long list of personal and professional collateral damage – some of which is still up on the lift in his private repair shop – and, more tangibly, he sustained a split lip and a sore neck.

Fast-forward through the last five months, as Woods dealt with the messy unraveling of his world, still executed a reasonably quick return to golf, and now is forced to withdraw mid-round from a major tournament because of . . . a neck injury.

It doesn’t take CSI: Sawgrass to formulate a theory that the two things – car crash, neck injury – just might be related,….(article continues here)

Tiger Woods in red shirt swinging golf club

Another instance where the calamity is such that the world just can’t seem to look away.  We all liked him, so everybody is still trying to adjust a former shining impression with the tawdry reality that really was, and is.  Just how far can he fall, and how great can his train wreck become?  We know it’s costing him millions, but so what, he still has millions to spare; the question for me: ultimately, what will it  cost his kids? So sad.

Up to this point, as the women became known and the story spread, we could take comfort with the thought, “Well at least he has his golf…. a shred of good to be had.  But now we  wonder if even that is so, after all.

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