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On Carnivals, Roller Coasters and Such…

By idaflo | May 5th, 2010 | No Comments »
WHAT a story – at a place called Flamingo Land: “Thrillseekers left hanging upside down 50ft up”. I can imagine the surprise, fear and then eventual embarrassment (after rescue) that followed. Transforms one’s understanding of rollercoasters, amusement parks, upsidedown-ness, rescues and wardrobe choices.

Was reminded of the story as I checked the classifieds in the paper. One of the jobs caught my eye. I was tempted.
Must be at least 18 years
old, with valid drivers
license. Willing to travel
out of state.
ask for Dennis.

No matter how old your typical carnival worker may be, they wear “those miles” on their faces and in their demeanor, and I always wonder, “what do they do, or where do they go the rest of the year”? Who hears their stories?

So why was I tempted to call and “ask for Dennis”? There’s a book waiting to be written there….either full of stories recording your experiences in each town – gathering a “carnie’s eye view of state fairs and the communities that host them – or perhaps just interviewing and finding out what textured things co-workers might have to say. Perhaps a devotional book could come out of it, tailored to folks on the road. Christ would be faithful.

Of course my husband didn’t like the idea, but I think some mission-minded Lutheran who can write, should just go for it.

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