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Journalists once again, miss the story at Live Oak High School

By idaflo | May 9th, 2010 | No Comments » 

The American Flag, long a symbol of freedom and opportunity, the banner under which Americans have fought and died, and which we literally pleadge our allegiance to, is treated as something obscene or divisive by those who should know better.
They should, but they don’t.  What does this mean for the future?  How do we deal with this fruit of poor education on the part of the administrators and educators in the present?  Finally, to what truth do they subscribe, or where is their allegiance?

Live Oak High School students

High School Where Flag Flap Occurred Hides Racist Secret

May 9, 2010 – by Bob Owens

On May 5, Austin Carvalho, Daniel Galli, Matt Dariano, Dominic Maciel, and Clayton Howard were at Live Oak High School, sitting at a table and talking, when Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked two of the students to remove the American flag bandannas they were wearing. They complied. Rodriguez then asked these young men to come to the principal’s office. Once there, Principal Nick Boden reportedly told these young men that wearing T-shirts with American flags on them was “incendiary” (even as other students wearing apparel featuring the flag were left alone). The students were told that they would be sent home if they did not turn their shirts inside out.

Not willing to dishonor the American flag by complying with an absurd request, they made a stand…(continue reading here)

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