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Dear Milton

By idaflo | May 4th, 2010 | No Comments » 

Dear Milton,

Yes, sometimes it is scary to post stories and thoughts concerning events, politics or religion on the internet.  It can get one in trouble, not only with folks who disagree, but also with folks who agree but who are too scared to admit it…

Just by bringing it up, you are blowing their cover, forcing them to decide whether they can respond with an “amen” or pretend that they didn’t see it and so lapse into silence.  We can’t pretend not to know what we now know; you know?  Many folks are desperate to find a distraction that enables them to disengage and blend in.  But then the question becomes, what are you blending into?  Cultural suicide?

Three other questions to be asked: 1) What is truth? 2) What does this mean? And, knowing all this 3) How best do I serve my neighbor?

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