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Sonja Schmidt of PJTV takes on “The Warmers”

By idaflo | May 7th, 2010 | No Comments » 

When placed in the right hands, irony is a classic weapon for exposing the truth. Rush Limbaugh does it every day;  his humorous approach in deftly delivering biting commentary is the formula for his success, and now other pro-American conservatives are also developing a  following.  In fact, one particular group of them have formed their own on-line network, called PJTV.

Sonja skillfully exercises satire skills.  I always look forward to her latest installment from PJTV…. viewing and then passing on video from ALL the folks over there.  PJTV is  an intelligent and good-humored network of creative Conservatives.

Victoria Jackson photo - shedding tears

Betrayed By Climategate, Shattered Warmers Become Global Mourners|6min (from PJTV) …VIDEO linked here

“What happens when the cause that makes your whole world make sense falls apart? As Climategate cracks the faith of the warmers, Sonja Schmidt reports on the emotional wreckage. Watch the latest Left Exposed and comment here:”

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